VanTam Fencing

         Specializing In Farm and Commercial Fencing     

     VanTam Fencing operates out of our small farm, along Bear Creek, outside of Brigden, Ont. My wife and I started VanTam Fencing in 1995 and are the owners and operators to this day. We have two daughters who get to join the crew occasionally in the summer months.
       We are livestock farmers ourselves so we understand the challenges of having economical, safe, dependable fences. We keep a few beef cows, a couple of pigs, chickens and a couple mules among other animals thru the years and can recommend the best type of fencing for whatever type or types of animals you raise.
       Farm fencing for a variety of animal needs is our main focus but we do numerous residential chainlink and commercial fences for municipalities, school boards, gas and pipeline companies etc every year. Word of mouth is our main supplier of jobs and have installed fences from south of Tilbury to north of Grand Bend and east of Bothwell, Glencoe and Strathroy.
       Whatever your fencing needs give us a call and we will provide you with a firm quote to avoid any surprises at the completion of your fencing project.
            Thank You for consideration of our company's services. Look forward to meeting you. Pete Van Troost, co-owner and operator.