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          Page fencing is the standard fence used for a variety of animal control. We use 949-12 Hi-tensile page fencing, 9 being the number of horizontal wires, 49" the height and 12" the distance that the stays or vertical wires are apart.

          It is a 12.5 gauge wire, which though smaller diameter than the older 949-16 which is a 9.75 gauge wire, is a stronger wire with "spring" to absorb the shock of an impact and is also triple galvanized which makes it much less prone to rusting. It is also more economical than the older 949-16 so you get a better quality page fence for less money.


          Hi-tensile 12.5 gauge single strand electric is also widely used and is generally more economical than page fencing. With 5 or more wires for perimeter fencing and 2 for inside rotational fencing it can be a great way to get the most out of your pasture.

          We use 8" cedar anchor posts and 5" or 6" cedar line posts, spaced 1 rod (16.5') for page and wider spaced, 20 to 30' for hi-tensile electric.


          There is also coated single strand hi-tensile in both electric and non electric and braid for higher visibility fencing.

          Rail fences in vinyl, oak board or pressure treated wood fences dress up the look of the pastures and yards and can be protected with an offset electric wire to stop animal pressure and cribbing, and keep your fence looking good for years .

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